Gelding- 12.1h Blue Roan, Welsh

Taffy joined Team Tutsham as a yearling and has now developed into a popular little boy who enjoys being ridden. Taffy is an exceptionally brave little pony who will look after the smallest of riders. Though he is still young he is entirely sensible and has even been used to lead a nervous horse. Often coming back in ribbons, Taffy has competed in local show jumping and showing classes.




Gelding- 13.3h Piebald Standard Bred

Strike has had a difficult start to his early life but has shown to be a true survivor and an invaluable member of the team. Regularly used in children's lessons, Strike is a very sensible, gentle pony with no vices what so ever. Strike will look after the most novice of riders whether out hacking or in the school.



Mare- 13.1h Strawberry Roan, New Forest

Pepsi has a fantastic temperament and is extremely sensible and reliable. She loves plenty of TLC and attention and will happily stand for hours to be groomed. She is extremely safe and trustworthy around any person.  



Gelding- 11.2h Grey, Welsh

Ride and drive, Polo is a particularly fun pony with a charming and friendly character. Polo is exceptionally well-mannered when pulling his cart, is superb to handle and makes an ideal lead-rein pony. 




Gelding- 14h Grey Riding Pony 

Snowman is a super affiliated show jumper who has very much "been there, done that". A perfect gentleman, Snowman isn't fazed by anything and will happily go first or last while out hacking. Although he is not a novice ride as he is very strong and can be excitable in open spaces, he is never naughty.




Gelding- 14h Chestnut, Cob

A steady, weight-carrying cob, Clive has done it all from cross country, gymkhana and show jumping to in hand showing. He will happily hack out alone or in company, making him a real confidence giving fun pony.



Gelding- 13.3h Grey, Welsh Type

Handled by children in all aspects of riding and horse care, Jake is a very tolerant and safe pony to hack out. He has done a variety of pony club activities and is regularly ridden by novices in lessons. A talented pony, Jake will jump a metre course with a competent rider.  



Gelding- 10h Dark Bay, Miniature Shetland

The smallest resident at Team Tutsham, Mouse loves getting lots of fuss and will look after the youngest of riders. He is very loyal and makes an ideal lead rein pony for beginners and first time riders. 



Gelding- 14.1h Bay, New Forest  

Freddie is a very quick and agile pony with genuine talent and scope. He does require plenty of attention as he can be sharp to ride, but he is a very enjoyable boy, ideal for a confident and capable teenage rider. 



Gelding- 11h Dark Bay, Dartmoor X

A real confidence giver to beginners, Winnie will gladly carry the smallest of riders for hacks around the fields or lessons in the school. He is a perfect lead-rein pony for novice riders. 



Gelding- 13.3h Dark Bay, Cob

Whorley is quiet to ride and is often used in lessons for young riders. He enjoys hacking, is happy to be ridden around the school or will pop a small course of jumps. He is a very brave and trusting pony who takes everything in his stride.      



Gelding- 14.1h Dark Bay, Cob

Though he can be a little nervous at times, Dylan is never naughty and is incredibly keen to please. Dylan makes for a really fun ride that would suit a teenage rider. He has a lot of potential and we are sure he will go far. 


Gelding- 13.3h Dapple Grey, Irish

Star would make an ideal pony club pony, he is speedy and forward going yet extremely safe and honest. Star excels round a course of show jumps and has competed at many jumping classes.    





Gelding- 13.1h Dapple Grey, Irish

Raisin is a solid, strong pony that is regularly used in children's lesson as a good steady mount. He is a gentle and good-natured pony who has competed regularly at local shows. 





Gelding- 14.2h Bay, Cob

Patrick is a lovely forward going pony, who has competed successfully in show jumping classes. Patrick can be keen but always tries his best. A well-mannered boy, he will confidently go first or last out hacking.






Gelding- 13.3h Skewbald, Irish

An adorable skewbald pony, Teddy is a versatile character and will turn his hand to anything you ask of him. He is a quick little pony with a big, bold jump and happily hacks alone or with company. A sensible boy who has competed successfully at many jumping competitions. 





Gelding- 14.1h Liver Chestnut, New Forest

A fast learner and extremely willing, This well-mannered boy will become a fantastic all-rounder; having already competed locally in show jumping and freestyle dressage he is incredibly keen to please and tries his best at everything and anything you ask. 



Gelding - Piebald

Bazil is a young lad who is really coming into his own. He loves to jump and his schooling is really coming on. He is really progressing in lessons and enjoys learning new things. He will be one to watch for the future!



Gelding - Bay

Tailor is a great fun little pony. He is able to get on with all jobs in all lessons so is a fab all rounder. He particularly loves jumping and can even give the bigger horses a run for their money! He is forward going but is sensible with it too. 


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