Adam is a 17h thoroughbred, ex racehorse. His racing name was "Adamo", although he was too slow to win a race! A lovely gentle giant that will eat everything in sight. If you show him food he will make silly noises and get all excited. Loves the quiet life now. But can still certainly move when he wants!

This is Barney, he’s a 14hh bay gelding. Barney is a fun, friendly and reliable pony with a cheeky personality & is an absolute joy to ride! He loves going out hacking also loves xc.... oh and also food!

Bazil is a 15.1hh Cob X who is know for his spicy personality but once has your trust, he will grow in confidence. He still has lots to learn but always puts his all in to it. We love how distinctive our beautiful Bazil is. Not only does he have beautiful markings but one bright blue eye too!




This little Welsh Pony with a bundle of cheekiness is Bertie. He tries to be friends with everybody and flutters his eye lashes until he gets a good scratch. Loves food, cuddles and adventures out hacking.

Bob is a 15.1hh Cob. He enjoys hacking and eating (a lot). He also loves having a nice pamper and getting lots of attention. Now one the older boys on the block, he is enjoying a slower pace of life.

Clive is a 14.2hh traditional cob . He enjoys eating, jumping and generally being pampered!




Cracker is a 13 year old, 13.2hh New forest x Welsh A pony. He joined our team from a horse rescue charity. He has been busy settling into life on the farm & making lots of friends. He is a super sweet little character & already very much cherished. He is learning lots here with us. 

This is Echo, a 14 year old New Forest pony. He is 13.3hh and enjoys hacking, jumping and loves people making a fuss of him!

Fester is a 15.2hh Appaloosa gelding who has the kindest heart. He is always willing to try new things but especially loves hacking and exploring new places. He is a true gentleman who loves his treats, a pamper and a cuddle.




Tutsham’s Rudey 2017, fondly known as Gary, (and more recently as ‘My Gary’) one of many little rescue ponies to enjoy a second chance at Tutsham. A fond favourite of many, and a diamond for all lead rein riders. Gary loves to enjoy time being pampered and tinkered with. A successful competition pony too, being placed at every competition he has attended. 

Dream Express, much more fondly known as Dream, is a 16.2hh ex-racehorse. He turns his hoof to anything once he realises it's not too scary! He is the biggest softie and always wants to please. 

JJ is a 16.1hh chestnut gelding and is one of the elder statesmen of TT. He had an illustrious racing career and his claim to fame is that he was ridden by Frankie Dettori! JJ is highly schooled and still competes at dressage events on occasion. He is now happiest hacking around the farm and local area.




This is June, a piebald Cob. She is only 5 years old so she is very young and therefore very speedy and can be cheeky! Her favourite treat is a polo! She is very cute and often canters up to the gate to say hello! June loves jumping but due to her age, is only allowed to pop over little fences!

This is Malenky, affectionately known as Mally. He is a 13.2hh, 16 year old Connemara who loves jumping and hacking. He loves attention and treats!

Mouse is the teeniest pony of the team. He may be miniature in stature, but what he lacks in size he makes up with personality. A mini Shetland who loves a cuddle, carrying the tiniest of tots for a mooch about the farm & generally hypnotising us all with his big brown eyes. (When we see them under his enormous forelock). A proper little floof. 




This is Ollie! He is a cob who loves cuddles, jumping and most importantly carrots. He truly is the best!

Polo is an 11hh grey welsh gelding with a fun, loveable personality who enjoys hacking out. He loves his treats and a good roll.

One of Tutsham Farm’s actual Thelwell ponies (we have many!). Raisin has been teaching children to ride for many years here at Tutsham Farm & is certainly a mischievous little character to have around the place!




This is Rocky, the pony with 9 lives! He is a 12.3hh chestnut Welsh. He is 15 years old and is Tutsham’s medical marvel. Rocky came to us from our friends at Bell Equine after surviving grass sickness. He has recently come back into full-time work after a life-threatening injury due to an accident in the field. Let’s hope he looks after himself better in the future!

This is Star, he is 13.2hh. He is 17 years old but still enjoys lots of jumping and hacking regularly. Some of his favourite hobbies include rolling in mud, eating apples and posing for pictures!

This is Strike a 13hh standard bred. He is 13 years old and well know for his cheekiness! He enjoys gallop hacks and eating treats. He is recognisable by the lightning strike going down his shoulder! 




Taffy is a 12.1hh Welsh pony. He’s a favourite to all children due to his good looks and his cheeky personality. Always coming home with rosettes, and has taught many children how to ride.

Taylor is 13hh pony who is a real solid, confidence giver who has helped countless children progress their riding. He is well-known for his unique gaits but it never slows him down.

Teddy is a 128cm 15 year old mix breed pony. His favourite activity is eating, but he also loves going for a gallop, or speeding around a show jumping course. He might be small, but don't let his size fool you as he keeps up with horses much bigger than he is!




Whizz is a 12hh, 22 year old, welsh cob. She enjoys longs hacks and certainly lives up to her name when she goes for a gallop. Whizz also enjoys dressage and has come home with many rosettes.

This is Whorley, a 13hh pony who has taught many children to ride! He is a trust worthy & cuddly boy who adores cross country and being pampered. He’s taking a slower approach to life now and is enjoying giving children a nice ride on a saturday.

Winnie, is an 11.2 hh Shetland cross Dartmoor gelding. He loves going on hacks with his friends and also enjoys having a good pamper and lots of treats.




Winter is a very cheeky pony! He is very excitable and bubbly, always looking for something to do or eat! Sometimes he gets very tired and ends up sleeping when he is ridden! He loves jumping and galloping through fields & having a good wash and then rolling afterwards! He is a very very happy pony that is loving life!

Woody is a 17 year old Welsh B known for his friendly and happy attitude! He stands at 13.2hh. Woody is a reliable and friendly pony adored by many! He loves cuddles and carrots! He finds jumping and mounted games fun - he can turn his hoof to just about anything though!

This is Spring, a 12hh cob, rescued by Team Tutsham. He is 5 years old and is know for his baby face. He loves hacking and would rather be friends with people then horses!



Mr G

This is Dylan, he’s a 17 year old, 14.1 hh part cob. He has a big personality and loves to hack with his friends and showjumping. Having been at Tutsham for a number of years, he’s taught many people how to ride and shown them new opportunities.

Presley is a super fun little guy! He has enjoyed being ridden the group lessons, loves jumping & adores all the fuss & cuddles he gets from everyone! 

Mr G, a total superstar! Mr G is a 17.2hh bay Dutch Warmblood gelding who is over 30 years old now. The definition of a gentle giant, he is now retired and is enjoying life at the farm coming in for a fuss and cuddles. 
















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