Team Tutsham supporting research into laminitis

At Team Tutsham we take great pride in the health and wellbeing of our ponies and horses. Since the Autumn of 2015 a large selection of our ponies have been taking part in an ongoing study into laminitis that is being run by The Royal Veterinary College and carried out by Edd Knowles, one of the vets from Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic.

Laminitis is a disease that causes inflammation of the layers of tissue inside the hoof and is painful for animals affected. 


Star is weighed

It is believed that high insulin levels can be a cause of laminitis but other factors are also involved. Some ponies and horses produce more insulin than others. Other important factors to be considered when exploring the causes of laminitis include the level of exercise, diet and lifestyle. This is where our ponies at Team Tutsham are ideal for the study, as they all graze the same lush green fields, experience similar levels of exercise and enjoy the same lifestyle. One important thing that the ponies taking part in the Royal Veterinary College study have in common is that they have never suffered from laminitis before. The study aims to help identify the ponies that are most at risk before they have been affected.

Edd visits our ponies at Team Tutsham twice a year and on Thursday 5thApril 2018, he came to collect data from our wonderful ponies at Team Tutsham as part of the ongoing study.


Teddy has a blood sample taken


The following sequence is carried out on each of the ponies taking part:

1          Each pony is weighed.

2          Blood sample taken and recorded.

3          Pony is given a safe dose of sugar via a syringe.

4          After a small period of time, a second blood sample is taken.

5          The blood samples are then tested to explore the insulin levels.


All data and blood samples taken are stored and analysed and the records are written up and stored.


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