Working with Disadvantaged Children

Team Tutsham is proud to be helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Kent. 
Coming and spending time outdoors away from their sometimes difficult lives is a great experience for many. They learn to be part of a group with fun, friendship and mutual respect in mind. The children learn new skills and experience much that the countryside has to offer.
All the children that come and spend time with us are viewed equally. We offer the same experiences to looked after children, foster children and mainstream children, everyone works together, thats what makes Team Tutsham so special. 

Horses are thought to have a special ability in the way that they behave that allows the person around them to know how they are 'feeling'. This very immediate 'live in the moment' sense from horses has a very positive effect on children who sometimes struggle with the subtleties of human behaviour.
Horses dont hold grudges or judge and this has a positive effect on many children as they seem to feel free to truly be themselves, and this results in an increase in confidence and self-esteem. 

Horse riding is often seen as an elitest sport, but horses have such as positive effect on humans that we are pleased to be able to offer children that may not be able to cope with the financial commitment a chance to experience the joy that caring for, and working with horses can provide. 

If you would like to make a referral to Team Tutsham or find out more, please contact Maxine Buckby on 07971 298337 for more information. 
You can also find out more about our work on our Case Studies page.


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