Charity Patron - Esme Higgs 

We are so thrilled to have Esme join us as a patron of the charity from July 2022.  

Esme is the creator of the You Tube Channel "This Esme;. 

Her weekly videos promote riding, horse welfare and cover all aspects of equestrian. 

The popularity of Esme's work has quickly made her one of the worlds largest equestrian YouTubers, with monthly views in excess of 5 million. 

If keeping her followers happy with content from all over the world isn't enough, she is also an Ambassador for The Brooke Charity - the International Animal Welfare Charity.

You will see her pop up regularly at Equestrian Events, see her face on Pony Magazine and see her branded equestrian wear adorned on children and ponies across the country. 

Then of course there is her own little herd to look after too! She has four of her own ponies - Micky, Casper, Joey and Duke, plus three donkey's - Willow, Bruno and Toby. She is certainly one busy lady!



We could see how much it meant to our young riders when Esme spent the day with us at our Saddle Club, filming for her new YouTube series "How to start riding".  In fact, our children were so happy to see her we saw tears of joy from them!

Esme is relatable, approachable and shares the same values and beliefs that we do. 

She works hard to bring horses to everyone through her channel and educates on the importance of good horse care. 

We are super excited to have her as a patron for our little charity!

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