Our Horses and Ponies


Our horses and ponies are everything to us and each and every one of them is a treasured and valued member of our team. Their welfare and happiness is paramount and they are cared for by our team who love them dearly. They are have their feet regularly checked by the farrier, have regular veterinary checks, dental checks, worming and even treated to horsey massages!

We love our horses to live as naturally as possible, living out, in herds in beautifully maintained and clean paddocks.  Our fields are cleaned, swept and maintained to very high standards. Our fields all provide lots of natural shelter so that the horses can shield from the rain or grab some shade on a hot day.

Our horses range from 10 hands, all the way up the 17.2 hands! Each horse and pony teaches us something different so we are able to cater for all rider abilities from complete beginner to more experienced riders. 

We keep all of our Tutsham Horses and Ponies for life. Even in retirement they have so much they can teach us. Loving horses is so much more than riding to us. Our team learn empathy, horsemanship and caring for horses with different needs. 

It is the excellent care of our horses that was one of the factors that led us to being awarded a 5 star rated riding school by Maidstone Borough Council.

With this in mind, we are often gifted horses and ponies that can no longer be looked after in the previous homes, or we take in a number of rescue ponies that are needing a home for life. 

We like to think that we change our horses and ponies lives for the better, and in return, they change our lives for the better. 




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