Saddle Club 

We are not your regular riding school! We passionately believe it's way more than turning up for a riding lesson!

Team Tutsham Saddle Club runs throughout the year every Saturday from 9am until 2.30pm. (Rain or shine - we are a hardy bunch!) We are so lucky to be able to provide a free lunch for all of our children, courtesy of a local company - PROTON. We always have cold drinks available for the children to help themselves to throughout the day. 

Children from the age of eight upwards are welcome to stay with us for saddle club sessions. The relaxed, supportive and positive enviroment enables children's individual needs to be met and enable them to learn and enjoy pony care and riding skills.  

Our ponies are used to welcoming their new students and are allocated according to ability and size. It wont be long before a great relationship is formed with their pony! There is a pony to suit every child and a child to suit every pony!



Bringing the Ponies in:

After arrival and registration, the children are escorted to the fields to bring in the ponies. Ponies dont get themselves in and ready at Team Tutsham. It's important to us that children learn about horse care and not just the riding!  


When they all return to the barn it is grooming time! Correct grooming is an important part of general horse care and enables the children to get to know the ponies on the ground. We provide grooming and riding safety equipment.

Tacking up:

After grooming, the children assist with tacking up the ponies ready for riding. Learning about the tack is essential if you want to become a pony expert!



The group riding lessons are approximately one hour long. We cater for all abilities from complete beginners through to experienced riders. All children here, whatever their ability and background, learn new skills and have valuable experiences from their time at Team Tutsham, and lifelong friendships are formed.  

Turning Out:

When the riding lessons are finished, the children untack the ponies and give them a final groom before returning them to their fields after another fun day together.


Endless opportunities:

Saddle Club members are invited to attend our inhouse shows. These are relaxed and supportive days in which our riders can show off their developing skills - a fantastic confidence boost for them. We also hold events during the school holidays to enable our children to develop further, from Stable Management Certificates and Agility Days to Cross Country lessons. We also try and arrange trips out in our TT minibus, like visiting local horse trainers to watch natural horsemanship or a trip to the local tack shop for some pony treats!  


Pony Camp:

One of the many highlights on the Team Tutsham Calendar is the Summer Pony Camp that we host over the last weekend of August to which Saddle Club members are invited. Here the children can spend more time with each other and the ponies and learn new skills with special guest instructors.


Come and say hello!

Please don’t hesitate to telephone us to arrange a visit to the Team Tutsham Saddle Club. We are always available to have a chat and it is a lovely opportunity to meet some of our ponies. They love to meet new people!  

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